About Encoda

Encoda is the leading claims and denials software solution that acts as the connective tissue between practice management systems, clearinghouses, and payers. In turn, we give practices greater visibility into their claims data, allowing them to address denials more efficiently – and more profitably. Drawing from 30 years’ experience developing and implementing revenue cycle software solutions, the team at Encoda is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare reimbursement automation. And by doing so, Encoda is enabling customers to grow their businesses while significantly reducing back-office resources.

Today, Encoda realizes the true intention of healthcare reimbursement by enabling our clients to collect the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, as cost effectively as possible. How do we do that? By using our customizable, rules-based solution to bridge the workflow gaps between payers, clearinghouses, and practice management systems – allowing our customers to get every penny possible from the payers.

To learn more about Encoda BackOffice and Maestro Analytics, or to request a live demo, please contact us.

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To learn more about Encoda BackOffice, Encoda Maestro Analytics, Encoda’s Revenue Assistance Program (RCM), or to request a live demo, please contact us.