One of the keys to financial success as a medical billing department is lowering operating costs while increasing productivity.  Encoda BackOffice is the answer.  Using our technology, billing departments have greatly increased their productivity without adding additional staff.

The Encoda BackOffice Suite allows billing departments to:

  • Streamline business operations
  • Eliminate third-party claim charges
  • Connect clients directly to payers for all claim and payment transactions
  • Automate electronic payment posting for all payers
  • Automate the management of multiple client databases
  • Provide multi-client, combined workflow capabilities
  • Create customized reporting tools which easily share data with clients
  • Simplify formatting for patient EOB statements, making them easier for patients to understand

The Encoda BackOffice Suite of automation tools provides our clients with the technology needed to enable expansion.  Our business intelligence tools greatly reduce human intervention while speeding up the billing process.



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