Let Encoda Payment Manager truly automate your ERA posting process!

  • Fully integrated with Greenway PrimeSuite

  • Automates secondary claim or patient balance transfer
  • Automates reallocation (conveyance) of patient co-pays & payer recoupments
  • Routes payer denials to Encoda Exception Manager
  • Utilizes advanced posting logic based on payer ANSI remark/reason codes in combination with provider, procedure, payer, plan, and other remittance details

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Encoda BackOffice™

One place to work all claims.

Claims Manager

Continuously monitors your billing software looking for batched claims that are ready for submission to payers.

Claims Scrubber

Validates claims and prevents potential rejections and denials prior to submission so you get paid faster.

Exception Manager™

Presents scrubbed claims prior to submission and claims that have been rejected/denied all on one screen.

Payment Manager

Constantly monitors each of your payers for available remittance files and retrieves payment information without staff involvement.


Automatically monitors each of your payers to make sure no claim reimbursement is left behind.

Maestro Analytics™

Provides web-based, key performance and financial metrics by staff member, medical provider, and payer, in real-time, 24 x7.