“Stop Living in Denials” Panel Discussion aims to educate CPS users on using technology to automate the claims management process

Encoda LLC, a leading healthcare reimbursement automation and revenue cycle management company announced today that two of its clients, Twyla Fuertes, Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management at US Pain Specialists, a Pain Doctor Company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Mical Boness, Claims Management Manager at West Texas Medical Associates, based in San Angelo, Texas, will be featured in a panel discussion uniquely titled, “Stop Living in Denials”.

In this peer-to-peer discussion panel, CPS users will share their success stories and describe how an innovative RCM tool, used in tandem with their Centricity Practice Management software, helps their medical groups better manage rejections and denials, increase payment velocity, improve staff productivity, reduce/reallocate FTEs, and elevate insurance reimbursement.  Each will describe how this powerful combination helps their billing departments focus on only those claims that need attention, automatically post payments, track all claims submitted to the payers (ensuring that responses are received for all claims submitted), and analyze the claims activity between the PM system and payers.

During this session attendees will learn how to:

  1. Utilize pre-and post-adjudication customized rules and business logic to automatically better manage outbound claims and inbound remittances.
  2. Effectively manage employee work queues based on rules such as rejection or denial reason, by provider, by payer, and other practice defined rules.
  3. Increase payment velocity and elevate insurance reimbursement by reducing denials and timely identifying and working only those claims that need attention.
  4. Utilize dashboard analytics reporting that automatically combines data from CPS and payers, in near real-time, providing visibility and transparency into the revenue cycle.

“My goal is to have attendees understand that there is a more streamlined way to handle claims processing and collections, and that the automation of manual processes has been revolutionary for my RCM team,” said Twyla Fuertes. Mical Boness stated “I’ve been in the medical billing business for quite some time and I knew there had to be a better way than what we were previously doing when it comes to claims processing. Encoda has helped my team and I work smarter, not harder and the technology keeps my team focused only on those claims that truly need attention.”

Stop Living in Denials will be available via live stream, which can be accessed online https://zoom.us/j/840863834 using Meeting ID: 840 863 834 and via phone by calling 19292056099 and entering access code 840863834.

Encoda specializes in helping medical practices and medical billing companies grow top line revenue while decreasing costs with its patented, cloud-based application Encoda BackOffice. Medical practices use Encoda BackOffice to bridge workflow gaps between their practice management systems, clearinghouses, and payers; utilizing the industry’s most powerful library of payer and specialty specific claim scrubbing edits and advanced remittance posting rules. Encoda’s platform enables its clients to develop effective claims processing and posting strategies based on customized business logic specific to providers, procedure codes, payers, ANSI remark and reason codes and more. Medical groups also utilize Encoda’s Maestro Analytics business intelligence solution to consolidate practice management and payer data into user friendly, highly impactful dashboards accessible on a desktop browser or mobile device.

About Encoda, LLC

Encoda is a leader in healthcare reimbursement automation and revenue cycle management technology and services that empower medical business offices to cost-effectively collect the most money in the shortest time possible. Encoda clients significantly improve their rejection and denial management processes, reduce days in A/R, and receive a level of transparency into their billing cycle via Encoda Maestro Analytics dashboard reporting that other solutions on the market do not provide.

To learn more about Encoda BackOffice, Encoda Maestro Analytics or Encoda’s Revenue Cycle Management Services, please contact us at info@encoda.com, 813.337.0107 or visit encoda.com.

For more information, please visit www.encoda.com, email info@encoda.com or call 813-337-0107.


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