Encoda LLC, a healthcare reimbursement automation leader, announced today its collaboration with Veradigm as a Channel Partner. Encoda will integrate Encoda BackOffice™ and Encoda Maestro Analytics™ with Veradigm’s Practice Management software to automate manual processes for medical billers, while providing actionable revenue cycle insight to practice leadership and management teams.


With this collaboration, Veradigm along with the Encoda platform will enable medical billers in physician practices, billing companies, and managed service organizations, to readily identify claims that need attention in a single physician practice or across multiple practices and tax ids, within one work queue. Encoda BackOffice automates manual processes such as physically reviewing claims both pre-and-post adjudication and eliminates the toggling back and forth between systems, reducing keystrokes, and human errors. Encoda BackOffice focuses billing teams on claims that have been rejected and denied, enabling billers to tag, filter, and work claims by rejection or denial type (i.e., coding and eligibility related rejections, coordination of benefits issues, medical record requests, and more).


“Encoda is thrilled to collaborate with Veradigm as a Channel Partner and are excited to integrate our one-of-a-kind workflow tools with Veradigm Practice Management,” said Sam Ambrose, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Encoda. Ambrose went on to say “Encoda’s advanced workflow tools combined with the Veradigm Practice Management software will deliver great efficiencies and exceptional value to Veradigm clients.”

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