Customizable rules-based software engine simplifies the complexity of medical reimbursement, keeping billing teams focused on only the claims and payments that need attention

Encoda LLC., a leader in healthcare reimbursement technology, today announced an agreement with athenahealth, Inc. through the company’s Marketplace program. As part of the athenahealth® Marketplace, Encoda BackOffice and Maestro Analytics are now available to athenaPractice clients to make it easier for practices to get paid by payers through Encoda’s robust market-leading claims and denials software. Encoda’s customizable and rules-based software engine simplifies the complexity of medical reimbursement by providing the connective tissue between Practice Management (PM) systems, clearinghouses, and payers.

Reimbursement delays, denied claims, and biller productivity continue to be major challenges for practices across the country, who rely on timely, accurate reimbursement to sustain their operations and continue being able to deliver care to patients. Encoda helps providers take their revenue cycle to the next level by focusing medical billing teams on only on those claims and payments that need attention. Instead of medical billers logging in and out of the same or disparate systems (PM, clearinghouse, and payer portals) to work for rejections, denials, and post payments; Encoda presents all claims and remittances that need attention in one intuitive work queue, resulting in increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and faster, more accurate reimbursement.

“Encoda and athenahealth are aligned in our missions to help practices thrive by reducing complexity,” said Lisa Taylor, CEO of Encoda. “Practices deserve innovative solutions that streamline their manual processes and improve transparency. And above all that, they need solutions that make sure they aren’t leaving critical dollars on the table when it comes to getting reimbursed what they’re owed.”

Encoda’s software features a state-of-the-art claims scrubber and the ability to see claims that have been submitted and received by the payers but not rejected, denied or paid. Maestro Analytics is Encoda’s automated dashboard reporting tool that combines data from athenaPractice and payers into one database, providing 100% visibility into the revenue cycle.

athenahealth is a leading provider of network-enabled software and services for medical groups and health systems nationwide. Its electronic health records, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement tools allow anytime, anywhere access to drive better financial outcomes for practices and enable providers to deliver better quality care. athenahealth’s vision is to create a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all. As a Marketplace partner, Encoda joins a community of innovative, like-minded healthcare professionals working to bring best-in-class solutions to the athenahealth provider base.

To learn more about Encoda’s application, please visit Encoda’s product listing page on the Marketplace.

About Encoda

Encoda is the leading claims and denials software solution that acts as the connective tissue between practice management systems, clearinghouses and payers. In turn, we give practices greater visibility into their claims data, allowing them to address denials more efficiently—and more profitably. Drawing from 30 years’ experience developing and implementing revenue cycle software solutions, the team at Encoda is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare reimbursement automation. And by doing so, Encoda is enabling customers to grow their businesses while significantly reducing back-office resources. Today, Encoda realizes the true intention of healthcare reimbursement by enabling our clients to collect the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, as cost effectively as possible. How do we do that? By using our customizable, rules-based solution to bridge the workflow gaps between payers, clearinghouses, and practice management systems—allowing our customers to get every penny possible from the payers.

About athenahealth Marketplace

The athenahealth Marketplace, the largest EHR app store, is where athenahealth customers find innovative healthcare IT solutions that extend athenahealth products and allow customers to create more personalized experiences to support their organization’s specific needs. Customers use Marketplace partner solutions to boost practice efficiency, increase patient satisfaction, and engage patients in their own care. The Marketplace has over400 solutions across more than 60 medical specialties and capabilities that are seamlessly integrated with athenaOne, athenahealth’s network-enabled platform. Learn more at

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