Using our patented billing and practice management tools in concert with a provided certified EHR help practices improve patient care while improving collections without the need to increase costs. These services finally resolve the medical billing pains which most practices experience.

With our low-cost cloud-based Greenway PrimeSUITE EHR software you don’t have to pay for software licenses, maintenance or upgrades. With Encoda you have a one stop company to provide services for Revenue Cycle Management using our patented Direct Billing Automation technology, EHR, Cloud based hosting, and full service support. With Encoda your practice will start sending claims directly to your payers which results in better claims tracing, quicker payment turn arounds and over all better collections. Our innovative solution gives the Physicians the time to focus on patients and not the business of collections. Encoda will only get paid when you do, and with our corporate motto being “Focused on Revenue”, your practice will have the right back office solutions administered by seasoned medical billing professionals and experienced support staff.

Encoda has created a full billing service solution which not only utilizes Greenway PrimeSUITE for our staff but offers the Integrated EHR solution as a hosted implementation to the Physicians. The Greenway PrimeSUITE platform allows the Physicians to attest for Meaningful Use while still being able to maximize their revenue using a “dedicated to performance” billing service.

Encoda provides visibility to the process through web based and on demand reporting, inviting the practice to know where the claims are in the EDI pipeline. By not needing a third party to submit claims Encoda provides more information and access to your EDI processing that our competition.

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