Delaware Back Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers, with seven locations throughout Delaware, has signed a five-year agreement to partner with Encoda, a Philadelphia, PA-based healthcare technology company, to implement Encoda’s unique revenue cycle automation tools, a patent-pending back office technology that integrates into the client billing system with full read and write-backs, connecting it directly to the payers and capturing all events and states as actionable data. The system eliminates the human tasks and computer keystrokes associated even with modern point and click backend revenue cycle systems, freeing staff members to perform more value-added tasks for the practice and letting the computer do what it could have been doing all along.

Encoda software is capable of connecting to multiple instances of the same billing system and even different billing systems, rendering Encoda’s single user interface for all of them. It has resulted not only in 5-7% better payment liquidation but a reduction in CBO workforce of up to 40%. The ROI is unparalleled. In this case Encoda will integrate both The Medical Manager™ and Greenway PrimeSUITE™.

“Over our 26-year history, Delaware Back Pain has been committed to providing our patients with affordable cutting-edge patient care. When it came time to for us to review EHR and billing systems, the choice became very clear. Having worked with Encoda in the past, I knew that choosing their solution was much more than purchasing cutting-edge technology – it was an investment in a partnership with a Company (Encoda) who is committed to providing the same level of service to Delaware Back Pain which we strive to provide to our patients. We are excited about replacing our traditional clearinghouse services and billing system back-end with the next generation in revenue cycle tools. Using the Encoda suite of products will allow us to grow our practice while streamlining our back-office operational expenses and substantially increasing our opportunity of increased profitability not only through cost savings and productivity efficiencies but also by utilizing customized business analytic tools.”

-Sean Bakst, COO/CIO, Delaware Back Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers

“We couldn’t be happier to partner with DBP. By utilizing Encoda’s patent-pending technology, which will seamlessly integrate their two different billing systems into one set of back-office functions and business rules, DBP should be able to double their business without adding personnel in the back office, while concurrently recouping funds that are inevitably lost when utilizing the anachronistic, “manumation,” whisper-down-the-lane clearing-house tools that are inexplicably used today by all billing systems, regardless of brand or price.”

Bill Cox, President, Encoda

About Encoda

Headquartered just outside Philadelphia, PA, Encoda is a software development company that specializes in automation technologies that enable medical practices to significantly reduce the labor involved in the back office billing process and to connect directly to their payers eliminating the delays, errors and fees associated with third party vendors. Encoda has integrated the technology into various practice management systems.

About Delaware Back Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers

Delaware Back Pain is a multi-disciplinary medical practice with offices throughout the State of Delaware. For over 26 years our specialists have worked together as one, providing a team approach to the treatment of our patient’s injuries. We use the most effective combination of experience and state-of-the-art modalities to create a treatment plan that works with the natural function of our patient’s bodies to relieve pain and promote healthy healing.

Our multiple disciplines include: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Interventional Pain Management/Injections, Electromyography (EMG), Ultrasound Guided Injection, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), Chiropractic Care, Rehabilitation Therapy, Psychology/Pain Management Counseling, Massage Therapy, Wellness/Nutrition Programs and Acupuncture.

Contact:  Sean Bakst, COO/CIO
Email address:
Phone number: (302) 832-3369 x 101

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