Re-imagine your revenue cycle with
Encoda’s Revenue Assistance ProgramTM

We know the drill. You’ve been contacted by dozens of revenue cycle management companies all trying to earn your business, each telling you how “different” they are, but they can’t back it up with any real substance. When it comes down to it, they are all essentially the same.

Encoda’s RCM services are powered by Encoda BackOffice™, our patented, cloud-based, denial management and analytics platform that complements your existing PM application and provides our billing and collections staff with an efficient workflow for collecting more of the money you’ve earned. Encoda BackOffice vastly improves the processes needed to effectively collect insurance reimbursement and improve revenue cycle performance. As a result, Encoda’s revenue cycle management services deliver shorter payment cycles, higher collection rates, and reduced operating expenses to your business.

Encoda clients get 24/7 access to Encoda Maestro Analytics, our comprehensive dashboard and analytics platform, accessible via desktop PC and mobile device. Maestro Analytics provides you with real-time insight into our RCM team’s performance with your medical billing. We believe in providing transparency and insight into the billing process, and we want our clients to know how our team is performing on your behalf.

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