Physician-led network of dermatology clinics reduces operating expenses and increases revenues using Encoda’s technology enabled RCM services

Encoda LLC, a leading healthcare reimbursement automation and revenue cycle management technology and services company, announced today that United Skin Specialists (USS), headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, recently selected Encoda to implement its patented workflow and analytics software to complement its Nextech practice management application and handle all of the company’s billing and collections.

Encoda specializes in helping medical practices and medical billing companies grow top line revenue while decreasing costs with its cloud-based applications Encoda BackOffice and Maestro Analytics. Encoda’s technology enabled revenue cycle management services includes a subscription to its proprietary software, providing complete visibility and transparency into the revenue cycle. Coupled together with experienced, revenue cycle analysts, the combination produces superior results for Encoda clients.

USS previously performed billing in house and was challenged to find key opportunities to accelerate cash, reduce write-offs and further optimize revenue by understanding the root causes contributing to aging receivables and write offs. Management needed more meaningful reports on a timely and consistent basis.

“Encoda enabled us gain insight into what was really taking place in our revenue cycle”, said Greg Meadows, United Skin Specialists, Chief Executive Officer.  Meadows went on the say, “Encoda provides visibility into the life cycle of our claims and enables us to gain clarity and understand the pattern and root cause of our denials.  In turn, we can make changes to the front and back ends of our revenue cycle, preventing delays in cash flow.” Meadows continued with, “I’ve become a huge fan of Encoda’s mobile version of its Maestro Analytics dashboards. A quick review of key metrics on my phone shows me dollars associated with problematic claims being worked by Encoda’s team, and the financial performance of our medical practices for any time period I chose.”

One example of Encoda’s Maestro Analytics driving positive change at USS is the impact it has had on decreasing charge posting delays. Meadows and his team reviewed with each provider their individual metrics for charge posting delay, focused on procedure type. Said Meadows “seeing graphically the negative impact they were having on collections by not closing their clinical notes in a timely manner, had a significant impact on the providers’ go forward behavior.” The Maestro Analytics dashboards below illustrate the profound difference in charge posting delay for USS providers comparing December 2019 to June 2020, where charges posted within a day of date of service increased from 28% to 84% respectively.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with United Skin Specialists and value our partnership with their staff and leadership team,” said Michael Kallish, CEO of Encoda. “USS has quickly and effectively adopted the use of Encoda’s technologies and have placed their trust in our experienced revenue cycle analysts to collect their money quickly and post it accurately. We are committed to delivering software and services that provide transparency and efficiencies in revenue cycle management services and to empower our clients with actionable data to increase cash flow. Partnerships such as this are disrupting the industry.”

Encoda BackOffice bridges workflow gaps between practice management systems, clearinghouses, and payers; utilizing the industry’s most powerful library of payer and specialty specific claim scrubbing edits and advanced remittance posting rules. Encoda BackOffice enables effective claims processing and remittance management strategies based on customized business logic specific to providers, procedures, payers, ANSI remark and reason codes, and more. Maestro Analytics is Encoda’s business intelligence solution which consolidates practice management and payer data into user friendly, highly impactful dashboards and reports, available 24×7, accessible on a desktop browser or mobile device, and are updated daily.

About United Skin Specialists, LLC
Minnesota-based United Skin Specialists, LLC (“USS”) provides shared practice management services to well-established dermatology practices. It is known for its commitment to clinical independence and autonomy through a collaborative, custom approach to practice management. Its goal is to maintain and expand patient-oriented dermatologic services, patient satisfaction and to create a great work environment for providers and support staff. To learn more visit .

About Encoda, LLC

Encoda is a leader in healthcare reimbursement automation and revenue cycle management technology and services that empower medical business offices to cost-effectively collect the most money in the shortest time possible. Encoda clients significantly improve their rejection and denial management processes, reduce days in A/R, and receive a level of transparency into their billing cycle via Encoda Maestro Analytics dashboard reporting that other solutions on the market do not provide.

To learn more about Encoda BackOffice, Encoda Maestro Analytics or Encoda’s Revenue Cycle Management Services, please contact us at, 813.337.0107×3 or visit

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